Thursday, December 3, 2009

Easy tips and tricks

1. Take the pulp from Aloevera plant and mix it with the curds and use it. This not only increases the taste of curds but also the body’s immunity power against polluted atmosphere.

2. Prepare a paste from sandalwood and turmeric. Mix the cream also to this paste. All the pimple marks on the face will disappear. The people with dry skin should use less turmeric. But more of cream.

3. When boiling the peas add 1 tsp sugar, color of the pea is not lost when fully boiled.

4. Instead of using Kesar by soaking it in water, heat the Kesar slightly and powder it. Whenever necessary it can be used by mixing along with milk and water.

5. To ripen the fruits early, place them in brown paper bags.

6. If shoe polish has got hardened, then a few drops of Turpentine to the polish softens it and the shine can be obtained.

7. Sometimes, when there is mosquito bite, some kind of pain persists. To get relief from this, use cotton dipped in vinegar and apply to the effected area.

8. Before starting to stitch for a door mat, if paraffin or candle is applied to the place to be stitched, stitching becomes easier.

9. To remove the rust stains from clothes add salt to lemon extract and then rub against the cloth where there are stain marks. The cloth gets cleaned.

10. During the Jack fruit season, the seeds got from Jack fruit can be dried and powdered. If this is stored, the powder can be used for Sambar curry or Rasam. The taste gets doubled.

11. To get a glowing skin add Indian gooseberries to the boiling water. After boiling again, take it from the stove and let it cool. Use this cooled water to wash the face. It’s a good idea to get a glowing skin, this way.

12. To clean the skin surface of the face, use the dried and powdered lemon skin. Add this to the honey and milk mixture. Apply this mixture to the face and let the face dry for half an hour. Now the face gets very clean.

13. During a long journey children fall sick easily. To avoid these kind of problems, a piece of ginger can be given to them for chewing, while traveling. Any kind of giddiness or vomiting can be avoided with this.

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